Last week I shared what the Guys teach about how powerful we are. It is up to us to use our power, and the wisdom of our souls, to create the life we want. The first step in doing that is to become very clear about what it is we truly want for ourselves. It is most important to be clear and specific. We will never be able to create the life we want unless we are able to focus our attention in a singular direction.

The Guys have often used the example of someone ordering a burger, and then half way through the cooking process they change their minds asking the waiter to bring pizza instead. The cook puts the burger aside and begins assembling a pizza. Before the pizza is done they decide chicken would be tastier, and asks the waiter to change their order once again. I am sure you can see where this is going. Until the diner makes up his mind about what he truly wants to eat he is not likely to get anything to eat at all. I have seen myself and others play out this same scenario in life. We jump from one thing to the next, changing our minds about what we want before anything meaningful has had a chance to come to fruition. Then we are frustrated and wonder why our lives don’t seem to be going in a direction that feels happy and satisfying.

To begin I suggest that you get yourself a notebook and explore, in depth, what you want your life to look like. Start by thinking back to those periods when you were most happy and peaceful. Look closely at the common denominator of those times. You may also find it helpful to take a look at the times when things weren’t going so well. What was missing? What was too prevalent?

Once you have spent some time looking back, begin to look at your life now. Take a close look. Examine your spiritual life, your personal life, as well as your professional life. Explore each area. What is working well? What needs tweaking? What needs a major overhaul?

I want to encourage you to take your time with this. It is only in deliberate self-exploration that you can lay a solid foundation for creating your life. Personal reflection is where you begin to tap your wisdom and your power. Too often we simply follow the path of least resistance.

I want to offer one word of caution as you begin this process—this is not the time to factor in the opinions, wants or needs of others. I say this because regardless of how much another loves you, or has your best interests at heart, they don’t have your answers. The time for considering the opinions of others, and how your life impacts those close to you, comes later. You must first know where you want to go. There are many who would love to write the story of our lives for us, but ultimately that is something only we can do. Anything less does not honor the strength, power and wisdom of our true selves.