It has been said that each of us looks at the world through our own glasses. We all have particular ways that we see things. Our pasts, our present circumstances, our belief systems, the notion that things, or people, have to be a certain way before we can be happy all contribute to our perceptions. Very often these perceptions, in turn, become what drives every aspect of our lives. When the Guys posed the question “When does perception become deception?” it became evident that misperception can have profound negative consequences for our lives, if we allow it. This happens when we walk through life without bothering to take a closer look. Perceptions that deceive come in many forms and impact our lives in innumerable ways, from the inconsequential to the catastrophic. The Guys would like to share what they call some of the most elemental ways perception becomes deception.

When does perception become deception? The greatest deception is that people have looked outside for God, have looked to other people for their spiritual growth. If you choose a wise teacher you’re all right, they can help point the way. The perception that God is some ethereal being who punishes evil and rewards good is a grave perception for humanity. This perception has been here in your earth plane for eons. Yet all great teachers from God have pointed to spirituality as an inward journey. That is where you find God. The great deception is the perception that God is somewhere outside of oneself.

When ye ask, “Who is God? What is God? Where does God live?” you look outside. The perception that the Christ is coming back as something other than your own Christ Consciousness is deception. The perception that the Christ Consciousness is outside of the body is deception. The Christ is within.

Perception does not mean truth. You have a saying here, “That’s your perception, that is not my perception.” Truth has nothing to do with perception. Truth is truth, whether you recognize it or not.

Another of the major examples of perception being deception is where and what God is. God is an intelligent, loving energy. It is far beyond what any human mind can comprehend. You cannot comprehend the immenseness of the Most High God because it is everything, everything in all of the universes. It is every molecule, every atom, and every sub atom into infinity. That is how immense it is.

That intelligent, loving energy came from far beyond the billions and billions of stars that you see. What you see is but a very small spectrum of the light and what it is. If only people would understand that. When you look at the sky and see all of the stars that is a very small spectrum of the light. If you saw all of the light you could not handle it. With your limited sight, your limited understanding, you look at the stars and think that is all there is. No, that is just one little fragment of the light. The brilliance of it would astound you. That is where you must begin to change the perception of what God is. Changing this perception is what will usher in the new era for mankind. Yes, there is an urgency to this; mankind has gotten off course. It is time to return your earth to that which it was intended—a place of peace, love for all and beauty.

Perhaps it is time to take off the glasses and put aside our preconceived ideas. We could begin to look at the world, others and our relationship with the loving, intelligent energy that holds everything together, with the eyes of a child. It is up to us to take responsibility for our own spiritual development and how we live our lives. Do we want live from truth or deception? The choice is ours. Take some time this week and truly examine where your perception is nothing more than deception.