The great author C.S. Lewis writes, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” I couldn’t agree with this statement more. When I look around, I see that this is a perspective many of us aren’t living from. We tend to be oriented in the world as a body first.

I believe a more helpful perspective would be to see ourselves as souls who have taken an earthen vessel, entering this classroom in order to learn and grow. We are all here together to learn and teach, for we are all student and teacher simultaneously. We are collectively creating our learning experiences. That is an important point—we are here together creating our experiences. What affects one affects us all. If one starves, on some level, we all starve. If you curse your neighbor, your own soul will wince. We are our brother’s caretakers because we are all one family.

We must get beyond the worldly teachings of man, and start listen to the teachings of the Christ Consciousness. The message is always one of love, peace, joy, and unity. To fully realize that message, we must begin to awaken to who we truly are. To be awake means to be alive, understanding our own power, and that we are in the process of creating every second. It is up to us to decide what it is we will create.

At this time on the earth plane, there is much conflict and turmoil. We are teaching ourselves through war and pain. These are not choices we have to make. As a collective we could choose to learn, as the masters do, through love and peace. It is up to us. We will have war until we learn that war only begets more war. We will have war until we are no longer willing to fight with our brothers. Once we do, the lesson will be learned.

Another example of how what affects one affects us all is world hunger. Most do not see the correlation between the starving children and our own stomach and digestive problems. The world wastes more food than it would take to end world hunger. Why not feed the children and alleviate our own physical symptoms? This would be the way to teach ourselves through sharing and abundance rather than lack.

The Christ Consciousness teaches us that we are all one with God; it is only man who teaches that we are not. When we realize that we are all one, and always have been, the lesson of separation, so often seen in the many religions of the world, will be no longer necessary.

We can each begin today to choose how we want to learn, and how we want to teach. I choose love, peace and unity. How about you?