This week we celebrate one of my favorite holidays—Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because to me it has it has maintained its integrity in a way that many of our other holidays have not. It is not a time for excessive consumerism; instead, it is much more simply a way to come together with friends and family to remember what is truly important. It is a time to reflect on the people and things we are most grateful for. The Guys recently provided a beautiful teaching on gratitude and how to make this mindset a part of our lives all year long.

When you begin to walk in a state of gratitude, what you wish to bring into your life will come to you much faster. If gratitude is not your current mindset you may ask how you do that. It is a matter of making a conscious decision to control your thoughts rather than allowing automatic responses to rule. If you find old tapes coming up of ‘Oh, why me?’ say, ‘No, I am grateful for this opportunity for it keeps me steady on my path.’ So when things in your life begin to feel scary or something rocks the boat, take a deep breath, hear your temple bell ring and be grateful for this moment and the things you call the trials of this life. Clearing the brain of its programmed responses and negativity will allow you look at all things and situations as something that can work for your growth. It will also help you begin to believe that it is possible to have better situations and opportunities in your life. You will even begin to understand that you can learn without pain and difficult situations.

When you are in a state of gratitude you are emitting positive energy that will draw positive things and people to you. You will begin to truly see yourself walking the golden path. The more you open your heart to love the faster this will happen. Remember, let love flow to you not just from you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone; may the spirit of this holiday reside within you.