I want you to know that there are no secrets. There is no universal knowledge or wisdom that is hidden from anyone. All true Masters teach that the truth lies within each individual soul, and that we can access this knowledge anytime we desire. This week I want to share what the Guys have often said about tapping our own wisdom and power in order to create a life that works; a life filled with peace and joy.

First, be aware of all the barkers out there. They tell us that they have the secret to finding happiness, the way to abundance or the path to Heaven, to name just a few. Don’t be fooled. The answers are within. Begin to trust the powerful soul that you are.

One of the most often repeated statements from the Guys is, “You don’t know how powerful ye are!” If you have ever heard the Guys speak, no doubt you have heard them say this. I am repeating it here because even though we may have heard it, I don’t think that many of us truly believe it. It sounds wonderful in the moment, but the truth is we don’t fully accept our power. We don’t use it in our lives or for the good of the world.

In order to help us see how powerful we are, the Guys teach that our souls are brighter and more powerful than the sun at the center of our solar system. They do not intend this as metaphor. When we remain more identified with our human selves than our spiritual selves, it is no wonder we have a hard time relating to this idea. Remember, they are talking about our souls and encouraging us to tap into that power in our day-to-day lives.

The Guys also remind us that the human body is made up of atoms. They liken us to an atomic power plant. Our bodies use this energy to keep us alive and functioning. This energy is at our disposal yet we barely tap into it on a conscious level.

As you go about your days this week, consider how your life might change if you intentionally tapped in and directed your power in a positive and loving way. Pay particular attention to where you are using your power and where you are not. In the next few weeks we will explore, in more depth, how to create the life you want through your own wisdom and power.

Side note: All of the blog posts come from the channeled messages of the Guys, the teachings of Christ Master Jesus, as He explained them to me, as well as insights from both Laura and myself. We hope you are enjoying the blog, and we ask that you please share it with your friends. Thank you.