As we watch and listen as world events unfold, you may feel that there isn’t much you can do about it. The Guys delivered a message addressing how you can make a difference.

“We come to you with an urgent message. Many times we have said to you, ye are gods and you can be any kind of god you choose. War begets war, begets war, begets war. Men are fighting, children are dying. We ask that you use your power by sending love and peace to all the world and to your leaders. See them wrapped in that power allowing reason to reign. Be sure that as you send your power you command that it not be transmuted or used for any purpose other than the highest good. This is how you make a difference. This is how you bring peace to your troubled planet. As you send love and peace out do not fail to send it to yourself as well, for this is how we shift the consciousness of the planet, one soul at a time.”

As the situation overseas unfolds please take time in your quiet moments, prayers or meditations to hold the world’s leaders and all those involved in the highest vibration of love and peace. Don’t underestimate your ability to have a positive impact on making the world a more peaceful, loving place.