The Guys have always taught that there are spiritual messages for our growth all around us, if we pay attention. We can, very often, find powerful and helpful messages in nature. The animal world in particular has much to teach us.

Let’s take a look at the message of the sea turtle. It has a number of lessons for us. The sea turtle is most at home in the sea. There it swims along effortlessly. It is only when it leaves the water, and makes its way across the sand that it appears to work much harder in order to move forward. Yet the difficulty of the terrain does not stops its progress. We also see as it moves that the turtle stretches its neck out from the shell, a full extension, at the same time its legs are stretching with great effort to pull the heavy shell along. In spite of the difficulty the turtle is not deterred. It does not question whether it is worth the effort, it simply extends and continues its forward progress.

I urge us all to look at the sea turtle and see how it speaks to our own lives. Ask yourself these questions. First, where are you living out of your element? Have you created a heavy shell that you must now carry on your back, one that may feel like home, but that in truth is slowing you down? Finally, are you fully stretching and extending yourself, even when it is difficult or uncomfortable, to make as much forward progress as possible?