No doubt you are familiar with the word mantra. According to the dictionary it originated in Hinduism as a word or formula that is chanted or sung often as a prayer. It also means an often-repeated word or phrase. If we really think about this word, whether we have a formal meditation practice or not, it seems that often we go through life with a mantra. What is yours? Is it worry about the future, is it thoughts like, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ Is it a fixation on thoughts of work or a troubling relationship? Whatever your repetitive thoughts may be, they very likely are serving as a mantra that is calling into your life those things you are focusing on, whether you want them or not.

You may have heard the Guys talk about letting your temple bell ring. Let’s look at it as more than just a nice thought. Instead, look at it as a mantra that can draw much more of what you seek in life to you than a mantra of worry, fear or distraction.

First, let’s clarify what letting your temple bell ring truly means. It is far from just an idea. What it calls us to do is to allow the vibration of love and peace to literally resonate and rein within every cell our beings.

Not long ago a small group was gathered at our home and the Guys helped shine a new light on the power of letting our temple bells ring.

When the Ancient One tells you to let your temple bell ring he wants you to see that it is actually a very good mantra. If you feel you are getting lost or you are down, say to yourself, ‘Let my temple bell ring.’ When you need a pick me up say, ‘Let my temple bell ring.’ If you begin to feel ill let your temple bell ring love, peace and joy to all cells of your temple.

Know and affirm that in your temple there is no shadow. For the soul of the sun shines brightly in your temple. The light brings peace, joy, love and health. This allows your temple bell to resonate love, peace and joy throughout your temple, and to expand beyond. Your temple bell has the power to ring throughout the valley of the earth plane. As the steps of gold unfold before you, the vibration of your temple bell will bring healing and joy to you and all souls. That is how powerful you are.