The Guys often give a message using the metaphor of the temple bell. They urge us to let our hearts ring out as a temple bell with the vibration of love, peace and joy. In order to resonate with these very high vibrations the heart must be open and expansive. When we are told to let our temple bells ring we are asked to open up and send the vibration of love to ourselves and to the world.

Let temple bell ring. Think for a moment what it truly means when we say let your temple bell ring love, peace and joy to thyself and to all people. Imagine a world where each morning everyone woke up, and before leaving the bed, paused and focused on letting their temple bell ring love, peace and joy to all people knowing that their temple was that of the Most High God. All souls must let their temple bells ring love, peace, health and abundance to their own temples allowing each cell to resonate with love.

Let the temple bell ring to awaken the Christ within all people so that they will lay down their burdens of sickness, war and strife and be awakened to the peace and abundance of God. Let all resonate and sing in merriment of the awakening Christ Consciousness. As it awakens within, it awakens without. This awakening will change your plane of existence. Let the temple bells ring with the music of the spheres.

Charge your temple bell to ring loud and clear. You see some hearts beat the drum of war allowing the drums of war to beat in the outer world. The bells of peace must ring louder, transmuting the drums of war into harmonious peace for all souls. May your bells ring so loudly that they drown out the sound of the drums of war. Allow the music of the temple bells of the most loving souls to rain down upon your plane of existence bringing the drums of war into the beat of the hearts of peace. When you change hearts you change minds. Let the drums of war become silent and beat no more.

This is a very timely message. Let us all practice allowing our hearts to beat in time with the vibrations of love and peace.