Each of us has been assigned a guardian angel by God. Whether we are aware of their presence or not, they are there to guide and protect us every step of the way. There is much they can do to help us; all we have to do is ask.

I want to share with you the Guardian Angels’ Creed that was given to me in meditation many years ago. I believe it is a beautiful demonstration of the boundless love God and our angels have for us. I hope you enjoy it.

The Guardian Angels’ Creed

By The Most High God, we are assigned to souls chosen to enter the earth plane as your earthen suits are being prepared by mothers’ wombs. We guide the souls to and from the wombs before birth as your earthen suits are formed, and ye adjust to them. At your birth, and before the cord is cut, we blow the Breath of Life into ye. We stand by ye to protect and serve, as your free will allows, for we are only a thought away. We stay until ye have completed your journey on the earth plane, and the silver cords are cut. Then together we return to The Most High God.