Recently, the Guys delivered a beautiful message about the power of the free flow of love. It is important to note that much of the message has to do with our perceptions of ourselves and the extent to which we are able to love ourselves. Please allow this message to find its way into your heart.

People truly do not understand the impact of loving and not loving, allowing love to flow. They often dam up certain sections of their hearts and allow love to flow only in certain ways. They may exclude certain individuals or groups, but most often they exclude themselves. If people could begin to open their hearts, not listening to the voices that say they are not worthy, and understand that they are worthy. It seems simple, and there are enough self-help books on the topic, yet people still choose to listen to the negative. In order for one to shift their consciousness they must be aware that the human mind seems to attract the negative more easily than the positive. We know that making a shift away from the negative is not an easy thing to do, and it does take determination. One can take small steps to reach out. Small steps can help people begin to feel good about themselves. What makes taking steps to raise their self-esteem difficult is they do not take control of their thinking processes. They allow their thoughts to control them. Thoughts become repetitive, familiar and then comfortable. It is well known that people don’t like change. To give yourself the greatest chance for success, look within and be sure that you are truly ready to do what it takes to bring about this change in your consciousness.

Another reason that people struggle to love themselves and feel worthy is they take on the perceptions of others. Look at the example of the great mind, Einstein, the perception of his teachers was that he was not very bright. Imagine if he had taken on that perception of himself? Many who already suffer from self-doubt will readily take on another’s perception of them. Is that not one of the great deceptions? How can one truly know what another’s beliefs about them are and even if they did, why would that matter?

Love for self is established within. If your love for yourself is based on anything outside of you it will not stand. It will sway and break like a reed in the wind. It must come from within and then extend out, flowing in a constant rhythm that strengthens with time. Stop looking outside of yourself for validation that you are okay, that you are worthy. You will not find validation there. Many in the world do not want to lift you up. In fact, many are more comfortable if you remain right where you are. You have heard the expression—misery loves company. What you must remember is that you are loved by God for who you are, not for what you do or do not do.

Have no doubt that you are a child of God, and then begin to take steps in your life to support that. Find what makes you happy and incorporate that into your life. If you find situations that do not support a healthy love of self then you may want to examine that. Do you need to make adjustments?

It is important for you to understand that many find it easy to extend love to others. You love your family, you love your friends, you love your pets. You love others and enjoy helping in a wide variety of ways. Yet you do not extend that same love to yourself. When you love others and not yourself, the circle is incomplete. You cannot shift your consciousness into a completely loving state until the circle of love is complete. That can only happen when you extend the same love to yourself that you do to others.