The key in learning to love is the balancing of love. You do not balance love by giving it all away saving nothing for yourself. It must flow freely from one to all.

Let us share the example of the ice cream cone. Imagine you have a dollar to buy an ice cream cone. When you arrive at the ice cream shop you see a person on the bench outside crying. You ask them, ‘What is the matter?’ They say, ‘I wanted an ice cream cone, but I have no money.’ So you say, ‘Here is a dollar, go get some ice cream.’ Now you are sitting on the bench thinking, ‘I wanted ice cream, I have no ice cream.’

What good did you do? Yes, the other person has ice cream, but now you have taken over his spot. You did not heal either one of you because, if all are one, you kept the same condition in place. You took on that person’s energy of wanting ice cream. It would have been better to say, ‘Come on, let’s buy two fifty cent ice cream cones.’ Don’t deprive self, share instead, then you have rid the consciousness of wanting. You have shown love to another and to yourself.

The energy of love is all there is. That energy freely gives to all. Look at the apple tree. It freely accepts the energy of love and says in return, ‘Here take my fruit; pick it.’ The tree is not afraid, it knows it will bloom another crop.

Everything around you is there to show you that love flows to you, throughout you and from you. The only thing that you need to do is allow it.

When we say love flows to you it is the love of God for you. It flows to you to give you life. You receive from God for God loves you. When love flows from you, you use the love to help others. You must also learn to let love flow throughout you so that you are truly nourished as well.

When you allow this flow to happen freely, there is your growth. That is when you can say, ‘the Father and I are one.’ That is your Christship. There is no longer separation between you and God. Love flows to you, throughout you and from you as it does with all things. The balance of love is complete.