Can you imagine the scene 2,000 years ago? There is a couple awaiting the birth of their child, seeking shelter so that their baby can be born with at least some protection from the elements. Three wise men are following a wondrous star that that announces the birth of a special child. All three are bringing camels carrying gifts for this babe of wonder.

Government officials are aware of the prophecy that foretells the birth of a child who will bring the truth that shall set mankind free. They have sent soldiers into the streets to gather information about this event.

In the synagogues, rabbis are discussing this prophecy and the need to stop it from occurring.

Even before the birth of the child His influence had already begun. Wise men were gathering, and the government and religious communities were in a state of fear and apprehension. Now, in the many centuries since the birth of the Christ child, the influence of this one babe has continued to shape the world.

In a way though, sometimes I think His message has been lost in the dogma and teachings of organized religion. Perhaps during this holiday season and in the new year ahead we could simply focus on, and practice, His primary teachings.

Let us keep these in our hearts and minds:

  • Love God.
  • Love each other and ourselves; in this we reflect our love for God.
  • Judge no one, including ourselves.
  • Become peacemakers, turning our weapons into plow shears.

If we could follow these simple teachings, then we would surely have heaven on earth.