It seems that the topic of silence is a good follow-up to the Guy’s meditation last week. I realized the other day, when the house was suddenly quiet, how restful and peaceful it was. It occurred to me then that we live in a very noisy world. In fact, the planet is noisier than ever. Sometimes it feels that noise comes from all directions. Our cities and streets, with the endless traffic, horns and sirens, are incredibly loud. Even our homes are filled with blaring televisions and loud music. Noise is actually one of the leading stressors, and we have become so accustomed to it that until we go someplace truly quiet, like the woods, we don’t even realize how the noise of the world is impacting us.

There is another set of noises that we may not even think of as noise. Our country is in crisis on a number of fronts. We have a bickering government, economic concerns and global issues that create noise within our beings. And let’s not forget the noise and chatter created by our own minds, thought processes and personal concerns.

In a sense, we are barraged with noise, in one form or another, all of the time. It’s no wonder we find it hard to hear the voice of God and our own inner guidance. There has never been a time that is more ripe for the cultivation of a practice of silence. Taking just a few minutes a day in true silence can make all the difference. This does not have to be an extended period or even a time of meditation. It can be as simple as finding small moments throughout the day to breathe in silence. Take a moment, turn everything off, both inner and outer and just be.