Nearly everyone has had their share of heartache. When we feel pain, it is an automatic reaction to go into defense mode. Over time we build up layer after layer of defensiveness over our hearts. Some create a wall so thick it is hard to allow much love in or out. The Guys recently delivered a simple and beautiful message encouraging us to turn our heartaches into something positive.

You have heard the story of when Jesus arose. They rolled the stone away from the tomb. We have said many times that your vessel is either a tomb or a womb for your own Christship. Your body will be a tomb until you roll the stone away. Thus we say unto you, roll the stone away from your heart. Allow past hurts to flood away. Let your temple bell ring freedom. Poets write that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. There is much truth in these words. For it is in your vulnerability, in your willingness to love, that you will find your true strength.

Here on your earth plane when you go out to exercise all of your muscles will hurt, yet you say to yourself, ‘no pain no gain.’ You are willing to take that pain and believe that something positive, something that you want, will result from it. Apply that same idea to your heartaches. Believe that they can bring something wonderful into your life. Remind yourself that your pain is teaching you that you are able to love and that you are growing.

We ask that you come home. We do not mean that you should come over here, to this side. No, we ask that you bring heaven here. That is your job. It is not to go to heaven, but to bring heaven to your planet. Bring it here for heaven is inside your temple, if you will allow it to live and breathe. So let your temple bell ring. Let it resonate love, peace and joy in every cell of your being.

A close look within takes courage, but it can help you roll the stone from your heart, opening you to the possibility of a far greater experience of love for yourself and all those who cross your path.