We have reached the end of October and very shortly our thoughts will turn to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Many of us will think back to the times at home when family members took out their recipes for pies, sweet potato casserole, turkey and dressing.

It made me think that perhaps we should look at our recipe for life. All good cooks taste their dishes as they go along and make adjusts. They will add more salt or spices to make sure it comes out just as they planned. They want what they serve their guests to be the very best it can be.

It seems to me that we need to look more deeply into our own recipe for life. What adjustments need to be made? Where have we been? What have we added into our recipe for life over the years? Are we offering the very best to ourselves? Is it pleasing to our palate and nourishing to our body? Does it quench our thirst? Does it bring us pleasure?

If we do not find what we truly want in our lives, perhaps we need to tweak the recipe so that it brings to us delight in life along with all the delectable things we want to have.

I don’t think these are just words because I know that when people truly desire something, and believe they can have it, they always find a way to get it. I know that when I smoked cigarettes, even when money was tight, I always seemed to find enough money to buy another pack of cigarettes. I found it amazing that I could always find the money for what I truly, truly desired. I would make it work or somehow it just worked. If we look at the things we truly desire such as love, peace, contentment and joy, perhaps it is that we don’t seek them more earnestly. We may think they are unattainable or believe that this is just our lot in life.

It is important to remember that as children of God, as spiritual beings who are in an earthen vessel for a relatively short period of time, we deserve far more than the little bit we settle for. We have access to all of the ingredients we need to create a beautiful experience while here on the earth plane.

I believe it is time to tweak our recipes and add that spice of life. We can start with a roux of love and peace, adding a pinch of joy and an abundance of health into the recipe. Above all else we need a big dose of good humor. If the recipe of life is not giving us what we want, or quenching our thirst, or if we still find ourselves hungry, then we must look at our recipes and see what we need to add, or take out.

Take a deep look. Are you following someone else’s recipe or one that you’ve lost the taste for? The power to change is yours. The changes you most need, and want to make, are often just a thought away.