The Guys’ messages, like other true spiritual teachings, focus on love. This is because love is the creative energy of the all that is. It is the core of every relationship and every endeavor that we are passionate about. We all “know” this, but often we do not live from this knowledge. It is almost as if it is so fundamental that we overlook the power of a life lived from love. Imagine what a difference it might make if we all took some time and looked at where we block love and where we give freely.

Read on to see what the Guys have to say about love.

It sounds so simple to love one another and thyself, but look around, how often do you see words and action hand in hand? That is the prayer. The master craftsman uses both hands together. What examples do you teach your children of love? You have a world that does not understand love. How many songs do composers write about love? People hear the words, but they cannot extend love even to themselves. We do not mean to love thyself in an arrogant way, but to love thyself because of who you truly are. You are god. That does not mean you are the Most High God or the next messiah. In a sense though, you are your own messiah because all are here to develop and raise their own Christship. You can heal yourself, and you can heal your neighbor by the word love. But the word alone is not enough; you must follow it with thy action. Embrace thy fellow man. Ask what you can do and then help.

The earth plane is your classroom. If you wish to graduate, begin to learn thy lessons. The only real lesson is love. You care for self by taking care of each other and by being vulnerable. Love is being vulnerable and allowing it to flow to and from you freely. You may ask, ‘What if I get hurt or rejected?’ Just love. You cannot love too much. You say ‘love hurts.’ No, only in the beginning as you open to it. When you were learning to ride your bike it was not easy, and you probably fell many times and had many skinned knees. Once you learned to ride you could ride freely. Do you remember the exhilaration? When you learn to truly love you can go anywhere you want in the universe. You can go anywhere, and you will touch lives just by crossing the path of another because the vibratory rate of love cannot be contained in a single heart. It goes beyond the beating of your heart to all who are around you. Begin to freely give of thyself. However, some will come and fill their needs taking more than they need. Be wise, do not let yourself become drained, that is not caring for self; that is out of balance. If you are out of balance you are not in harmony.

I invite you to take in what the Guys have offered here and take a deeper look at the subject of love in your life. Examine what love truly means to you. How and where might you apply the message of love with more fidelity?