As the Guys have told us before, opening our hearts is the only way to shift the consciousness of our planet. This is an inside job, and each of us must bring peace into our own temples. Remember, as within so without. The Guys made a special request this week that the “students of the world” begin a morning meditation practice that will allow more and more souls to bring the vibration of love, peace and joy into the world.

We suggest beginning your day in meditation so that you can attune yourself to the highest vibrations of love and peace. We would like to offer this meditation to bring peace to your being and to the world.

In the center of your heart visualize the lotus blossom. See the lotus blossom opening as the morning sun. From the lotus come the beautiful colors of the rainbow swirling up filling your chest, your shoulders, going down your arms and into your hands.

Let the colors swirl up into your throat, then filling your skull, soothing your brain. Open your crown chakra seeing the bright white and gold light of the Christ Consciousness coming down into your being, filling and mingling with the colors of the rainbow of the heart. The light and the colors swirl within your head, clearing your thoughts, filling the whole skull.

The dance of light and color moves down filling your throat, shoulders, arms, and hands. The dance continues on swirling and mingling with the heart and the lotus. See it glistening as the lotus blossom expands and grows. See the lotus petals reaching out from your body wrapping around those near to your heart.

Let your temple bell ring in the center of the lotus. See the gentle petals of the lotus, with the breeze of your breath, swaying back and forth sending love, peace, and joy to the world.

Take a deep breath and hold it. When you exhale, exhale love, peace and joy and let it take from you whatever you wish to let go of. Exhale letting all that you want to release go through the heart being purified through the lotus blossom. Inhale the nectar of the lotus bringing peace, love and health into your being.

Visualize your physical being as a still pool of water that the lotus blossom floats upon.

Now feel the lotus beginning close a little, feeling the petals settle into your being. Close your crown chakra and your heart chakra to where they are comfortable. Breathe in love, peace and joy through your heart. Now exhale love, peace and joy back into the world through the heart.

Feel yourself centering back into this plane of existence, coming back with a new love for yourself and all souls.

As you go through your day carry the vision of the lotus with you. When your mind begins to race concentrate on the bloom of the lotus within your being. Let the lotus forever bloom within you, nurtured by the energy of God the Most High.