The light of compassion opens the heart. It opens us to a deeper level of love. Compassion allows the vibratory rate of love to deepen and expand itself multi-dimensionally. In the Catholic tradition we often see the symbol of the sacred heart of Jesus and the sacred heart of Mary. The sacred heart represents a deeper expression of loving compassion. We all have love for our brothers and sisters, our family members, but compassion adds the depth of love that motivates us to alleviate pain and suffering wherever we see it. It drives our hearts, the very core of our being, to make life easier and better, not just for ourselves, but for our fellowman.

Acts of compassion are the demonstration of true oneness. If we cannot have compassion for another, we deny ourselves true happiness of being. Compassion is the driving force of true love.

Here on the earth plane there are role models who live from the depths of compassion such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa. Gandhi had true compassion for his countrymen. The compassion that drove him, along with the universal principles of love and peace, enabled him to stand against tyranny and suppression. The depths of Mother Teresa’s compassion for the poor alleviated the suffering and hunger of countless individuals. It allowed her to do the many great works of her life.

The compassion, and willingness to act, demonstrated by Gandhi and Mother Teresa should serve as a model for us all, inspiring us to a greater expression of love. Compassion is a depth of love that we must bring into our hearts and vibratory rates if we are going to be truly helpful and ease the pain of our fellowman and raise the universal consciousness.

Join me this week in actively seeking ways to express compassion. There are many opportunities every day if we are open and aware.