Jim’s journey as a channel began following a near-death experience while serving in the Navy just before his 19th birthday. He was washed overboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After recovering physically from his ordeal Jim began to hear the voices of three wise teachers and spiritual masters. They helped him to understand the true message of the Christ Consciousness – the most important of which is that love is the underlying cause and effect, the only energy in the universe.

Jim Bowman has channeled three distinct “personalities” who he lovingly refers to as “the Guys” since the early ‘80’s. First there is Abdul. He is a gentle, benevolent presence with a beautiful accent. He speaks gently as he delivers a message of universal love, reassuring us that we are all one and that all are in. The Teacher, or Teach as he is most often called, is the most direct of the three spiritual masters. He is high energy and quick to tell us that it is wake up time. His message is also one of love and unity, but he urges us to stop wasting time and get about waking up to who we truly are. The third personality to speak through Jim is known as the Ancient One. This being gives the impression of a small Tibetan monk. He asks us to open our hearts and send love out into the world with every beat of our hearts.

While Jim has highly developed gifts and skills as a channel, the Guys are quick to remind us that we are all channels of God’s love into the world for we are all one and we are all the children of God.

In this brief introduction of the Guys we wanted to give you a small taste of their message and an understanding of what you can expect from this blog. We will share the direct teachings of Abdul, Teach and the Ancient One. There has never been a more important time for us to move to the next level of spiritual development; it is crucial for us all.

Each time the Guys speak through Jim they begin with Abdul’s beautiful blessing, “We surround each one of ye and the Vessel James with the bright light of the Christ, and we bring you the blessings of the Most High God. He sends you blessings of love and calls on you to remember who ye are.” This blessing is extended to you as you read each post.

Following is a brief excerpt from a meeting with the Guys.

“We say that you are children of God because you have not woken up to your adulthood. You see, Christ Master Jesus came to this plane of existence, to create and show you how life was to be. Do you understand that? He did not come here to form a religion but to give you an example for life. He said, ‘Do not call me good, it is the Father who is good and I am only telling you what He told me to tell you.” Jesus never wanted you to look to Him. He asked ‘who are my brothers and sisters? Ye are.’ It is wake up time, time to wake up to who you truly are; you are a Christ in development. And Christ said to us all, ‘greater works you can do than I have done, and these greater work is to recognize your own Christship.’ There is no record of wrong. All are in. You are worthy and the time to awaken is now.”

Check back weekly for more teachings from the Guys.