Last week I began a series that focuses on looking at the blocks that may be keeping us from “having it all.” This week I want to focus on wealth or material abundance. Wealth means different things to each individual. Only you can determine what it means to you, and that is an important aspect of bringing more wealth into your life.

Many of us find ourselves either living paycheck to paycheck, or coming up short before the month is over. This can be stressful, and can take some of the fun out of life. For many there just never seems to be enough money.

I read an article recently that really got me thinking. Forbes listed 210 new billionaires in the United States for 2013. There will be a record number of new billionaires in 2014. This doesn’t even count the new millionaires created in 2013 or those coming in 2014. This tells me that there is plenty of money on the planet.

I began to really think about what the difference is between those on the Forbes lists and the rest of us. It has to be more than luck, birthright or hard work. I remember my dad saying, “If it is just hard work that builds wealth, then why aren’t all the people who labor so hard the wealthiest?”

There are a gazillion books and seminars out there on the subject of creating wealth. They seem to work for some people while others continue to struggle. One of the most important lessons I have learned from the Guys is that at our core we are spiritual beings, and we have tremendous power to create. In Psalm 82:6 it is written, “You are gods, and all of you are sons of the Most High.” The Guys teach that it is within our power to decide what kind of god we wish to be. They say, “So what kind of god are you? A god of war, a god of confusion, a god of greed, a god of poverty or will you use your power to be a god of love, peace and abundance of all the good things?”

How we are able to use our power depends entirely on our thinking. Our thoughts are the seeds that grow in the garden of our minds. Our thoughts create our reality. What we reap truly is based on what we sow. Shift your consciousness from one that creates bills to a consciousness of wealth.

Begin to look at your thoughts about finances. That is the foundation for what you are experiencing now. Ask yourself these questions: What did you hear your parents saying about money? When you think about your financial situation what are your first thoughts? What is your internal dialogue about your ability to have more of what you want?

Here is something else to think about, most people don’t really want money for the sake of having money. They want something from it—security, freedom, or perhaps rewarding experiences. Take a look at what you really want from a more stable financial situation. Those who just want more stuff will eventually find that having money does not improve their fundamental level of happiness.

Once you are clear about your current thinking on money, it is time to begin to take more control and watch closely the thoughts you allow yourself to entertain. Shift your negative thoughts to more positive ones that help elevate your mood and your outlook. Change your thoughts, and you will change your life. No, it is not easy. It takes practice and perseverance to become really good at anything.

You must also be active to achieve the life you want. Decide what you must do to be the financially successful person you want to be. Just remember you have used a lot of energy creating the life you have; it will take a bit to change your life patterns.

You can do it! Believe that you can. It is time to start writing the story of the life you want. Never forget that we are children of the Most High, and He wants the very best for us all.