After more than 43 years of traveling, counseling, teaching, speaking at different events and just plain listening to people, I have found that we are all basically the same regardless of our race, nationality, religion or gender. We all want a good life filled with health, wealth, joy, peace and love. People are people.

Since we all want the same basic things, why is there so much turmoil in our lives? It sometimes seems that we can’t ever achieve what we most want. We may be successful in some areas, but far from in others. I believe that what we are all hoping for is to the have the complete package, so to speak. To have all that we want may seem impossible or very complex, but it doesn’t have to be, if we begin to examine the root of what blocks us from “having it all.” It all begins with shifting our consciousness and beliefs about our lives and ourselves.

I want to begin today by looking at our health. In the upcoming blogs I will talk about wealth, joy, peace and love.

We all want great health, and fortunes are spent on trying to achieve it. The health profession has more knowledge, better medicines and skills than ever before, yet we have not found a cure for any major disease since polio in the 1950’s. I think we have to ask ourselves why that is; what are we trying to teach ourselves?

The Christian Bible states that God told mankind, to subdue the earth, to have dominion over it, (Genesis 1:28). The Guys tells us that we are spiritual beings in earthen vessels, and that we must have dominion over them. By this they mean that we are to take charge of the health of our beings. The body produces new cells every day, and new organs every seven years. The Guys encourage us to take time each day to command our bodies to produce healthy, Christ-like cells.

You may wonder if we can really have that kind of power over our bodies. I believe we can. Scientists are beginning to discover that our thoughts and our beliefs do indeed impact our bodies. Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto has done extensive research into the effect of the human consciousness on water molecules. His work demonstrates the powerful effect of both negative and positive thoughts on water. It stands to reason that, since our bodies are about 60% water, our own thinking can impact the water molecules of our bodies, and thus our health.

It is common knowledge, and accepted by the medical establishment, that stress has debilitating effects on our health. Stress is caused largely by our thoughts and beliefs about the situations we find ourselves in. If we are in resistance to what is, we will experience stress. The Guys often teach that we must control our thinking and calm the waters of our beings just as Jesus calmed the storm and waters as described in Mark 4:35.

We are all aware of the placebo effect. When a person believes the medicine they are taking will work then it will, even if they are taking a sugar pill. The mind is very powerful, and yet it is still hard for many to believe that they can improve their health with just their thinking.

It is not a quick or easy fix. Yes, this takes effort and consistency on our parts. First of all, we have to change our current thought patterns, and we need time to see the results. The Guys always tell us to use all our tools. They are not suggesting that we stop taking medicines. What they are asking us to do is to begin to work with our thoughts, and to command our bodies to produce healthy cells. In time you will find that you need fewer medications. Before I automatically reach for the aspirin bottle, I ask myself why I have a headache and more often than not, the pain will dissipate on its own.

Try saying to yourself each morning and night while lying in bed—I command my body to produce healthy new cells. I am well and I am made anew. Give it a try; what have you got to lose?