This month we have taken a quick look at spiritual practice. There are so many forms of spiritual practice that it is a topic that one could consider for a very long time. What I wanted us to focus on this month were those practices that are focused inward.

As we close the month consider this—the world is a very noisy place; our homes are no exception. At home we are inundated with television, social media, computer games and streaming video. Think about removing some of these influences and using that time to read spiritual writings or to listen to spiritual teachers. This is a meaningful and peaceful substitute for the influences of the world, which let’s face it, are not always of the highest and best for all.

No doubt many of you already do a lot of spiritual reading and study, but let’s take that practice a bit further. If you are like many of my friends, you have read countless books on spirituality, but how many of those teachings did you truly internalize and make part of your spiritual practice? If we aren’t careful too many ideas can be just another form of mental clutter and noise.

I want to suggest that instead of reading every book that crosses your path, you focus on a few that really resonate with you. In your meditation and quiet times ask what the true message is for you, how it can enhance your life and how you can put it into practice.

Journaling is a great way to explore what you’re reading in a deeper way. The act of reflecting and writing on a subject completely shifts how the brain interacts with, and processes, information. Make sure you are getting the most from what you are reading because creating a strong and supportive spiritual practice is far more important than building an extensive spiritual library.