It’s normal for us to become deeply involved in the details of our lives. Earning a living, taking care of our families and possessions takes tremendous amounts of energy and time. When all of that is done, most of us just want to carve out a bit of time for some fun. There is nothing wrong with that unless we become so distracted with these things that we stand by and wait for someone else to address the deeper issues. In other words, we become willing to look, wait and watch for the world to change, for our lives to change.

The Guys have some powerful things to say about our tendency to do that.

Isn’t that what most people do? They are looking, waiting and watching for someone else to do it—to end world hunger, make peace, change government policy, have someone else raise their voice. So while everyone is looking, waiting and watching what is changing, what problems are being solved?

Not only do they wait for another to solve social problems, many are looking, waiting and watching for someone to take care of their spiritual growth. Why are they looking, waiting and watching for Christ to come back to change the world? Why not do it now? Why do they look for someone else to do their job? Perhaps they need to start focusing on peace, love and joy instead of looking, waiting and watching for change to come through someone with the magic wand who waves it over the earth plane so that they can say, “Ahhh, it is glorious.” All of you, as co-creators with the Most High God, can change and create this in the blink of an eye, in a very short period of time on this plane. It cannot be done while just looking, waiting and watching. As they wait for someone else to step in, they take care of theirs, nourish theirs. In essence they are saying, “I will hold to my money, my greed, my ego, my beliefs, my prejudices because I am looking, waiting and watching.”

You are coming up to a great time in your country, football season. So again, they look, wait and watch. They turn, at this time to looking at the players and schedule, waiting for the games then watching the games, but always on the sidelines, very few play. Some people are beginning to pray now for their teams and their season. Think of all the prayers for the teams. Imagine instead a stadium full of people in one accord of love, peace and joy. So perhaps this season if everyone, for just a moment in all of the stadiums and all the arenas on game day, would take a moment and let their hearts ring love, peace and joy. That energy could be used to nourish communities with love, showering all community members with affection, giving them food not just for their mouths, but the right food to feed their minds and souls.

There are countless ways we look, wait and watch. This message highlights just a few. It takes a level of discernment to know when it is time to stop being the observer and move into action on our own behalf, on the behalf of our communities and on behalf of all souls. Singer songwriter John Mayer has a song, “Waiting for the World to Change”, it’s worth a listen. If we pay attention, the message is everywhere. I challenge us all to examine where we are looking and waiting and begin to take action.