Whether you are a member of an organized religion and attend church or not, I believe it is important to examine what spirituality and a spiritual life truly means to you. Many of us read lots of books on the subject, and yet may not have a spiritual practice. Take a look at the place spirituality has in your life. Begin by asking yourself these questions. Do you make time for a spiritual practice? How do you extend your spiritual beliefs into the world? How does your spirituality impact your relationships with others? These are the things that define how well you are living out your spiritual beliefs.

If you look up the definition of spirituality, I think you will find that it is quite vague. It lends very little to what spirituality, and a strong spiritual practice, truly means to us as individuals. If you asked a hundred people to define spirituality you would probably get similar vague ideas of what it means. I have come to believe that the only true and meaningful definition of spirituality is how we define it for ourselves and live it in our own lives.

With that being said, I want to stress that it is how diligently we strive to develop our spiritual beings and spiritual practice that is the bottom line for leading a fulfilled life. If we do not allow our spiritual beings to flourish, and become more evident in our daily lives, I believe all of the reading and talk of spirituality is for naught. As human beings, whether rich or poor, we seem to have a void that needs to be filled. We try to fill it with stuff and experiences that distract from what our souls truly long for. This is what comes from looking outside of ourselves for happiness and peace when all we truly need is a strong connection to our spirituality and a willingness to live it on a daily basis with all we meet.

During the month of February I’d like to examine spirituality and a few of the best spiritual practices that, when used with consistency, can make a huge difference. This week I suggest that we begin looking closely at what our individual spiritual practices truly look like and how well they are feeding our souls. Take some time to examine your life and the part your spirituality plays in it.