In our last post, “Write Your Story,” I encouraged you to spend some time looking at what it is you really want for your life. That is step one in creating your life. Yes, I said creating because that is what each of us has the power to do, if we are intentional about it. To create a life that is optimal, you must keep your thoughts and actions focused and in accord with each other.

Before you begin, it is important to decide what you are willing to do to take a great life from concept to reality. This step is a call to action. You can’t create your life if you wait for others, or the universe, to make it happen for you.

Before taking action please consider what changes you are willing to make. If you don’t look carefully at what is involved in making life changes first, your chances of success are far less likely.

Changes, whether large or small, will require a shift in your mindset or thinking. Changing ingrained and habitual thinking patterns is not always easy, but it can be done if you are diligent. Begin to examine where your thoughts and beliefs might be sabotaging the life you want.

In looking at the changes you need to make, don’t forget to look at your current behaviors and day-to-day activities. Are they in alignment with what you want to create? For example, if you want a more spiritual life and don’t make time to meditate or read spiritual teachings, how far will you get? It is all about the choices you make.

Another area to examine is how others are influencing you. This can be tricky because we may have family members or friends we love; yet they may not be the best influence. Some people don’t really want us to change. For a variety of reasons, they are more than happy for us to stay stuck right where we are. In a situation like this calling on our personal power is most important. At times it is necessary to make changes that don’t meet with the approval of everyone in our lives.

With all of this in mind, decide how far you are willing to go to create your life. What must you change, what must you let go of? These decisions are yours alone. Time in quiet contemplation will allow you to get in touch with your own wisdom and guidance from spirit; there you will find your answers. Remember, you have free will to make the decisions that you believe are best for you; listen to your own voice.