Once you have decided what you want to create in your life, and you have closely examined what you are willing to do to bring it into reality, it is time to implement your plan. Sometimes when we’re excited about new possibilities we are so anxious to see them come to pass that we try to speed the process along particularly if we have been inactive for a while. There is a balance to be found between putting the plan into action and trying to hurry it along.

The Guys have shared an analogy that you may find helpful.

If you are driving your car down the highway at 70 mph heading west and you decide that you really want to go east, you must first slow down to a safe speed, check the traffic and then turn your car around. Once you are headed east you then get back up to speed gradually. It is the same in life, if you try to change your direction too quickly, and without caution in mind, you will not achieve the changes you want to make. In fact, you’ll very likely end up discouraged, wondering why your plan didn’t work.

With that in mind, set your course in steps that are achievable and then celebrate your successes as you go. Find the joy in every step along the way. That is really what it is all about isn’t it, finding happiness and peace in each moment? Make that part of your plan.

Now, with that being said, action is an important part of the equation. The universe wants to help us achieve what we truly want, but we have to get out there so that we can meet opportunities as they arrive. I often use the example of when Laura and I were looking for our new home. We made a very specific list of exactly what we wanted. We never doubted that a home that included everything we wanted would be ours. We also knew that we would have to look for it; no one was going to knock on the door and say, “Here are the keys to your new house.” What was amazing about it was that as soon as we put ourselves out there the opportunity was there to meet us. We knew, without question, that this was the next right step for us.

Another important part of the process, perhaps most important, is to believe you can have what you want and know that you can accomplish it. When you feel doubt creeping in, put it behind you as quickly as possible. Your certainty is a key ingredient. Even if you haven’t been successful in the past, you must not allow that experience to influence you now. That is the nature of making real changes—doing things differently. Learn from the past, but don’t allow it to dictate what you can accomplish today. The power is always yours. Where will you exert it, in the past or in the present? You decide.