I have really enjoyed the weather lately. With the arrival of spring, I have watched our patio, the yard and the city become transformed. Just a short time ago the trees were bare, the grass was brown and there wasn’t a flower in sight. All of that beauty was there, lying dormant, waiting for the warmth of the sun to bring it all to life.

We are much the same. Each of us has gifts that are dormant, waiting for expression. The difference between nature and us however, is that we have to give expression to our hidden gifts; we can’t wait for something outside of ourselves to make it happen.

Have you taken the time to look within to discover what is waiting to be expressed? If not, I hope you will do that this week. Perhaps you already know the part of you that is not fully expressed, but for whatever reason you haven’t acted on it yet. Regardless of whether we know what that is or not, the result is the same. When we don’t allow what is dormant full expression, we will very likely experience anxiety or the feeling of being unfulfilled. It can also present itself as a vague sense that something is missing, or perhaps just feelings of dissatisfaction with life in general. It can come in many forms. These feelings are a message from our souls.

What we often don’t realize, when we do not allow ourselves to be fully who we are capable of being, is that we aren’t giving full expression to our souls. This is the seed within waiting to come to full bloom.

This week please devote some time to go within and consider this: What are your hidden gifts or desires that wait to be given full expression? Try to imagine, and really see, what your life might look like if you fully expressed those aspects of yourself.

Go a step further, and think about how you could share these gifts with others.