This week I would like to share some of the Guys reflections on compassion. I hope you will take these words to heart as we continue to explore the practice of compassion.

Compassion is the practice of seeing another as yourself. It removes the false barriers that you believe separate you. When you truly practice compassion you do not reach out so much as you reach within and touch the well that is all beings. In this plane of existence you do in fact have to reach out a hand, but in truth that is merely the symbol of acknowledging the oneness of all. When you see the need to reach out to another first go within and find the connection there. Whatever you give should come from that place.

Compassion is not about seeing the other as broken, it is seeing their wholeness and reflecting it back to them. All are whole though some are out of balance. Your hand extended can help restore balance to them.

The practice of compassion is not self-sacrifice, nor will it deplete you because true compassion comes from the endless, eternal wellspring of God.

Compassion never asks you to join another in suffering. Instead you are to offer a hand in order to pull them from despair. It demonstrates the belief that through our connection to all, there is boundless love to draw upon in every moment, even during the darkest times.

When we choose to practice compassion the light within us shines even brighter piercing the darkness around others so that they can begin to see the light within themselves. With every act of compassion our world becomes lighter and love flows more freely to all.