At the age of 18, James Bowman was washed overboard into the Atlantic Ocean from the deck of the naval vessel U.S.S. Aucilla in very rough seas. Injured and drowning, the young man’s life was at an end.

A long time agnostic, he would never have anticipated the experience that followed. James left his body in the water, arriving in a domed structure where he met loved ones who had crossed over. He walked with the Christ, who explained that his own message had long been misinterpreted and misunderstood. James was given the gifts of spirit and healing, charged with spreading the true teachings of the Christ Consciousness to those he encountered.

When James once again found himself beneath the waves of the Atlantic, an angelic hand extended and pulled him back to the surface. The Navy rescue team plucked him from the ocean, and James embarked on a journey that would change his life and others.

After recovering physically from his ordeal Jim began to hear the voices of three wise teachers and spiritual masters. They helped him to understand the true message of the Christ Consciousness – the most important of which is that LOVE is the underlying cause and effect, the only energy in the universe.

Jim serves as a channel for these spiritual masters, each speaking in their own distinct voice. They consistently convey messages of love, peace and joy for all beings.

The symbol you see here, given to Jim in a vision, embodies the channel of God’s love into the world. The light shining from within us is the spark of God and it leads us to be one with God and with each other.

Read more about Jim’s experience in his book, Somewhere Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea.

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