Nearly forty years ago, following my experiences of being washed overboard, drowning and meeting Christ Master Jesus on “the other side,” I began this journey. My life was changed forever after these amazing experiences. I decided to embark on this path taking the message I carry on my heart. It is a message of love and peace, and how we can create a better life and a better world.

Often I think we write the blog just to encourage me to carry on, but of course, it is my hope that it offers encouragement to you as well. The path to spiritual awakening is not an easy one, but it is worth traveling. If you keep love in your heart and make a strong connection between your heart and mind, you will begin to think more loving and softer thoughts, becoming more understanding of yourself and your brothers and sisters.

While I recognize the difficulty of a deeply spiritual path, I am reminded of what the Guys so often say,

Never lose your sense of humor.

I would like to remind you of that as well. We often take our spiritual development so seriously and forget to enjoy our time here. It is important, as we travel the path, to take time for fun and laughter. Enjoying happy and lighthearted times will raise your vibration. This helps you walk your spiritual path, and through this world, more lightly and easily.

May you create much peace, love and joy in your life.