One of the central teachings of the Guys is that a time is coming when those who want peace will have it and those who want war will have it. This is what they have to say on the topic.

Greetings. Vessel James refers to us as the Guys and it is we who wish to thank all of ye for following this blog. We will bring messages from the most Holy of Holies. The messages will help you in this time and particular phase of your earth’s growth and with the dimensions that are about to come into this world in full force. Meaning that the dimensions are already there, but they will be opening to help ye transition into a more peaceful loving world for those who wish to have peace. For those who wish to have war there will be those openings to allow war. As you follow the blog of Vessel James, we will attempt to bring you love and peace and joy to help you as you absorb the information and ponder it. But let us caution you to put no one before thy Lord your God, and take what feels good to you and shelve what does not.

This message is not meant to be metaphysical fluff. It is not mere concept, nor is it a doomsday proclamation; it is simply a heads up, if you will, from a loving God or Universe however you wish to describe it. It is a foreshadowing of a true moment to come where each of us will have the opportunity to choose. You might ask what, do you mean by this, how does this happen and what do we do? It starts inside, within yourself and at home. It’s a shift in perception from an outer focus on a world clearly torn by war and strife to an inner one where you can cultivate peace, love and joy if you are alert enough to tap into it. It is possible for each one of us to do that, because at your core that is what you are. The world is noisy and very distracting. It truly does take practice to connect with and cultivate a peaceful state that can then drive your thoughts, actions and interactions with others.

Each individual’s role in cultivating peace is important because it is not possible to change the world without first changing our consciousness. We have seen many times that laws are passed or systems and structures are put in place and yet they affect no real change. More often than not, it is because the underlying consciousness of individuals and groups has not changed. If you really want to change your consciousness it is not enough to make a mental exercise of the choice, but to put the choice into practice in every area of your life. If you quickly say, “oh I want peace” then stop for a minute and see how and where peace is reflected in your life. Peace is not a concept it is a practice, an inner and deeply personal practice. If you are out of peace in your life it suggests that you need to make adjustments in how you live in order to align yourself with the peace that you are.